7th Place Sr. Yearling at 2012 ADGA National Show

​Affera's udder pictured at 5 yr. of age.

Another gorgeous black and tan doe, Affera was the undisputed queen of the junior doe showring, with at least a couple of BJDIS wins.  Affera finally became a permanent champion after only 3 shows as a milker.  I finally got her to some shows and she finished quickly.   She has the most absolutely up-tight udder on the place with an unbelievably large area of udder attachment.  The Balls of CircleB Farm currently have her son. Chigger-Hill El-Capitan, and he is serving as their senior herd sire.

 She is looking fabulous at the ripe old age of seven.  I love taking out the older girls and having them do well.  Longevity should be the goal of every breeder.  A exceptional Nubian should remain competitive well past 4 years of age.​  Affera won her permanent champion status at the age of seven and was also named Best of Breed Nubian. That incredible udder attachment just goes on forever.

G6S Normal By Testing

​​DOB:  1/2/2009

​CH ​Chigger-Hill Aim Affera

LA:  VG 88  EEVV

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