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   This doe is line-bred on our beloved old champion Chloe.  She is wide and stout with an exceptionally flat rump.  She freshened with an outstanding udder, the highest and widest escutcheon of all the 2018 first freshening does. What a pleasure to see such great teat placement and teat delineation on a beautiful Nubian doe. Her udder absolutely milks down to a glove just like her dam.  Harper had an outstanding 2018 doeling from Klassic Black Jack.   She has been retained in the herd and I have very high hopes for this granddaughter of CH Chigger-Hill Chloe and CH 4-EVER-R's Ester.


   Harper got to show as a milker for the first time in 2019 in a limited number of

shows.   She had 5 X finishes as 1st Place 3-yr. old Sr. Nubian in heavy competition.  Her 2019 buck kid from Klassic Black Jack, Chigger-Hill KBJ TopGun is absolutely stunning.  He will be retained in the herd as a junior buck.  He looks like a combination of Harper and his paternal granddam Ester.  What a fitting legacy to be able to keep an outstanding grandson of my great SGCH Chigger-Hill Chloe since she passed in 2019.  I am hoping to be able to take Harper to 2020 ADGA National Show in Nebraska.  Harper is bred to Hops N Lops Wingman.

DOB:  2/13/2016


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