Chigger Hill  Nubians  

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Golden Girl's udder at 7 years of age and 6 freshenings, I am so proud of the way she held up over the years!

Golden Wings freshened with a lovely udder that has a very large area of attachment and a strong medial ligament.  Her fore udder is exceptionally long and smooth.

14th Place 3yr. old Milker at 2014 ADGA Nationals

Chigger-Hill Golden Wings

CH Chigger-Hill Golden Girl

 (Dam to Golden Wings)  Deceased

This beauty is our last daughter from CH Chigger-Hill Golden Girl.  She combines our best maternal bloodline, descending from CH Chigger-Hill Chloe, with exciting new genetics based on Wingwood and Saada bloodlines.  She has already easily captured her Junior Leg as a 6 month old  doeling.  Golden Wings freshened with an capacious udder that is very widely attached in her very open escutcheon.  She also has a very long, smoothly blended fore udder.  She will be bred to Chigger-Hill Twilight Zone for 2023 kids.


GCH Hops N Lops Wysteria

​(Paternal Granddam to Golden Wings)

7th Place 5-6 year old doe at ADGA National Show.

Golden Girl udder at age 3.  Unclipped but still such a nice shape and outstanding medial suspensory ligament

Chigger-Hill Golden Girl X Hops N Lops Wingman

Pictured at 6 months of age.