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G6S Normal By Testing

DOB:  5/17/2012

Chigger-Hill EZ Haffahalo

LA:  VG 85  VV+V

  My  lovely patient Halo, an extraordinary brood doe.  Her 2015 daughter is Silver Shadow,  the only 2015 born doe that I retained.  Wow, am I ever glad I kept her!  Take a look at her page and you will understand why!  Razzamatazz, Halo's 2017 daughter, has already won her restricted leg and also has a BJDIS to her credit.  Halo is one of those special does that produces exceptional offspring even though she is not herself a champion.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, champion legs have always eluded her.  At least one RGCH to her credit and numerous 1st Place finishes as a jr. doe and younger milker but no champion legs at this point.  This daughter of Bella Rosa is a product of a cross with Saada El-Ezra ( the last son fo the great Saada El-Levitica X Saada Hilkiah).  She is extremely long-bodied with a long, elegant neck and exquisite breed character in the head and ears.  What a performer on the milk stand, if I wanted to I could no doubt milk this goat year-round.

​Halo will be taking the year off!  She will not be bred for 2020 kids.