I almost made the mistake of  selling this doeling TWICE!  Once as a kid (the buyer couldn't come up with the purchase price) and once as a bred yearling (cause I thought she was too short-bodied)!  WOW, when I saw how her udder came in, I was thanking my lucky stars that I had not. My last daughter our of El-Capitan produced an even better udder than her half-sibling Silver Shadow!

   Shown in only two shows in 2019 as a First Freshening 2 yr. old,  she bested the competition, most of whom were second freshening does, by placing first.  Phenomenal udder shape with a perfect wide and high attachment and a super tight medial suspensory ligament and exceptional teat placement and teat size.  This little girl is going to be a future star!  Another granddaughter of my old sweet old Chloe shines in the showring!  I can't wait to see how she freshens next year.  Lotta Spots will be bred to Chigger-Hill Red Zone for April kids.

Chigger-Hill El-Capitan X Chigger-Hill Chloe Grace

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DOB:  2/11/2017


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G6S Normal by Parentage

​Chigger-Hill EC LottaSpots