​Chigger-Hill REDZ Ragtime Gal

Red Zone really marks some of his kids with that fabulous mahogany red color.  I love this beautiful doeling who is a perfect combination of Red Zone and her dam Chigger-Hill Broadway Brandy, 1st Place Sr. Yearling at the 2017 ADGA National Show.  Sangria showed well this past fall finishing several times in 2nd place behind a few of her herdmates.

UPDATE:  Our chubby Khloe kicked butt in the fall shows.  GCH at both WTSFR and OK State Fair.  She also was named BJDIS at the OK State Fair!  She is an easy-keeper so she is presently on a diet!  Khloe is a stout gal, with extreme width that follows from head to rear.  She is named in honor of her granddam, our great SGCH Chigger-Hill Chloe.  She will be bred this fall to Chigger-Hill RedZone to produce kids line-bred on SGCH Chigger-Hill Chloe.

Our junior does have enjoyed only limited showing so far since we don't take junior does to the spring shows.  All we can handle is milkers since we need to return home ASAP to milk our does that stayed home.  We are hoping to get them to a few shows this fall.

Chigger-Hill KBJ Klassic Khloe

​Chigger-Hill REDZ Sangria Ice

Chigger-Hill SS Dark Galaxy

DOB:  3/3/2019

ADGA Pedigree Link  N2010469

G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

This Jan. born twin has outstripped her contemporaries who were born in triplet kiddings so she will be bred late this fall in hopes that she can attend the 2020 National Show as a yearling milker.  Ragtime is a daughter of Uptown Girl who sported one of the finest udders in the herd.  Uptown is now with Annette Hernandez's herd in Edinburg.  I desperately wanted to keep a doeling from an Uptown X RedZone combination so I had to make room to keep Ragtime Gal.  Gal has an improved topline over her dam and I hope I get to keep that stellar udder!  Ragtime Gal will be bred to  Chigger-Hill TopGun for late spring kids.

​Chigger-Hill Rum Fizz

I was so fortunate to have triplet doelings from my "match made in heaven" between Red Zone and CH Brandywine.  One went to Evie Martinez in McAllen as a junior show project,  I donated one doeling to the CTDGA Spring Fling to support the youth show, and I got to keep Rum Fizz.  I am hoping she will follow in the footsteps of her tremendous dam.  I think I am going to have one heck of a Get-Of-Sire group for the fall shows!  Rum Fizz showed very well this fall finishing several times in 2nd Place in very competitive classes.

Chigger-Hill EZ Haffahalo X Chigger-Hill Red Zone

DOB:  1/26/2019

ADGA Pedigree Link  N2010468

​G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

DOB:  1/6/2019

ADGA Pedigree Link  N2010471

​G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

CH Chigger-Hill Aim Affera  X  Chigger-Hill Slicksilver

DOB:  1/21/2019

ADGA Pedigree Link  N2010470

G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

Rockette is the daughter of my favorite 3 yr. old Roseanna and Chigger-Hill  Broadway Joe.  She is retained in the herd and will be shown by my grandson.  She is the perfect show doe for a junior exhibitor, very docile and cooperative like her lovely dam.  UPDATE: Rockette captured a RCH behind her herdmate Dark Galaxy at the Hamilton Legends show.

​Chigger-Hill SLIK  Uptown Girl  X Chigger-Hill Red Zone

Ruby is Ron's favorite doeling from 2019.  Our sweet Halo always has the best babies out of Red Zone.  We are hoping she has a spectacular udder like her half-sibling Chigger-Hill Silver Shadow.  Ruby will be shown by my granddaughter Harper Lackey.  Ruby captured several 1st place finishes in the fall shows.

DOB:  2/3/2019

ADGA Pedigree Link  N2010473

​G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

​Doelings Born in 2019

 Senior Yearlings

Galaxy is the image of her dam Affera.  She captured 3 GCH placings at the Hamilton Legends Show.  Winning in the Open Show and also both rings of the Youth Show. She has exceptional depth of body with an extremely wide and high escutcheon. 

We are looking forward to seeing her udder after freshening!  She will be bred to Chigger-Hill Red Zone

Nubian JuniorDoes

DOB:  2/18/2018

ADGA Pedigree Link  N1925886

G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

Chigger-Hill REDZ Harper Ann  X  4-Ever-R's Klassic Black Jack

DOB:  4/19/2018

ADGA Pedigree Link  N1961446

​G6S Normal by Tested Parentage

Chigger-Hill  Broadway Rockette

​CH Chigger-Hill Aim Brandywine  X  Chigger-Hill Red Zone

Chigger-Hill REDZ Roseanna X Chigger-Hill Broadway Joe

Chigger-Hill Broadway Brandy  X  Chigger-Hill Red Zone

Chigger Hill  Nubians  

Nubian Goats for Sale in Texas

​Chigger-Hill   REDZ  Ruby Halo