​3rd Place Sr. Yearling at 2012 National Show

​Chigger-Hill JR Claudette

DOB:  2/22/2013                     N1655094

​LA:  VG 85  V++V

Reference Does

​The does listed on this page have made us what we are today.  They have moved on to wonderful new homes and are now making genetic contributions in their new locations.

Another beautiful young doe that is now owned by the Motes family.  Claudette has the udder to die for and has already captured one championship win in the capable hands of  showman Addison Motes.  I retained Claudette's daughter from Lakeshore City Slicker, Chigger-Hill City Pretty.​

Chigger-Hill AIM Kanika

​DOB:  3/14/2011    N1554308

​LA:  EX90  VEVE           G6S Normal by Testing

​Chigger-Hill Flambeau

​DOB:  3/26/2014       N1685156

​Not Yet Appraised

​Lovely Flambeau is now with the Dream Girls Nubian herd.  She is full sister to our senior herd sire Chigger-Hill Red Zone.  Robyn and Amanda Peters are real fans of Red Zone and already own  Chigger-Hill Ruffian (Red Zone X CH Chloe).  I elected to keep Sweet Feet, Flambeau's 2016 daughter from City Slicker.

​I sold Kanika this past spring so I could keep her Red Zone daughter, Redeema.  I knew it would also be hard to let this beautiful doe leave our place but happily she went to the Motes family of ABACA Nubians in OK.  Bryan and Christie are like "goat family" to me as are their beautiful daughters!

​Chigger-Hill AIM Bella Rosa

​DOB:  2/17/09   N1479422  

​LA:  EX90  EEEV               G6S  Normal by Testing

3rd Place Sr. Kid at 2009 National Show

3rd Place Sr. Yearling at 2010 National Show

18th Place 5-6 yr. old milker at 2014 National Show

​Our beautiful Rosa is now in the Silver Rein Ranch herd belonging  to Michelle Cordova.  It is hard to sell a doe like this but I wanted to keep her daughter out of Chigger-Hill Red Zone.  This was a hard sacrifice to make but I was confident that she was going to a wonderful home.

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