​   Welcome to Chigger-Hill Farm, home to champion Nubian dairy goats.  We are located just south of the DFW metroplex in Midlothian, TX.  We have been involved with Nubian dairy goats since 1990.  Our original Nubians included does with Warpaint Acres Superbuck and Royal Cedars bloodlines.  Over the years we have developed our own special style of Nubian.  We endeavor to breed the kind of animal that can thrive in harsher pasture conditions.  None of our goats spend their days in a pen, they must be able to move quickly to avoid our cows and the predators we deal with as part of our  farm and ranch conditions.  Our Nubians are large-framed, but they also exhibit a great deal of refinement, beautiful style, and dairy strength.  Since our goats traverse large pasture areas, we place special emphasis on proper leg angulation, strong pasterns, and high, snugly attached udders.  We participate in Linear Appraisal but do not yet participate in DHI due to travel requirements and obligations to our extended family.  We do not incorporate alfalfa hay into their regular diet due to the prohibitive expense and their tendency to waste it.  We do feed additional alfalfa pellets to our milkers while on the stand.  It is our desire to breed goats that can survive in a less than optimal environment using economical management techniques.

    As we approach the sale of the farm here in Midlothian and the upcoming move to Llano, TX, we have sold a number of our younger milking does in order to focus on our treasured older does and our upcoming doelings.  Therefore, the dams of many of our featured doelings may be seen on the Reference Doe Page.  We feel extremely fortunate to have found outstanding homes for these young does and feel confident that they are contributing in their new homes.


​​​​​​​​Chigger-Hill  Board of Directors​

​This herd was started by our children  and we hope our grandchildren will continue with the 4-H, FFA tradition!

​                         ​The Lackey Family

​​It is so gratifying to find youth exhibitors that have the right kind of support at home that will enable them to excel in the show ring.  Our dairy goat youth exhibitors are the future of our industry and I am very hopeful that we are now in the midst of a revitalization of youth programs and show opportunities.

It's ShowTime

"​Generations of Champions...Bred for Milk-Ability"

Christie Motes of Oklahoma

​with Chigger-Hill EC Athena winning her junior leg at the Heart of Oklahoma show.

​​Our 2014 ADGA National Show Results

**CH Chigger-Hill HW Chloe - 2nd Place Aged Milker**

Chigger-Hill Aim Bella Rosa - 18th Place 5-6 yr. old Milker

​Chigger-Hill Aim Golden Girl - 14th Place 3 yr. old Milker

Our 2017 ADGA National Show Results

We only took Jr. Does due to my husband's surgery

​**Chigger-Hill Broadway Brandy - First Place Sr. Yearling**

​**Chigger-Hill REDZ Roseanna - 3rd Place Sr. Yearling**

​Chigger-Hill REDZ Redeema - 12th Place Intermediate Kid

Chigger-Hill EC LottaSpots - 14th Place Intermediate Kid

As we are getting older we find ourselves not able to make as many shows as we would like.  We still make a few in Texas and Oklahoma.  Now we get as much enjoyment from seeing our customers excel in the showring with our Chigger-Hill animals.  2016 - 2017 were good years for a few of our customers.

Our Juniors Does at Nationals!!!!

The Sr. Yearling Nubian Class Lineup at 2017 ADGA National Show.

1st Place - Chigger-Hill Broadway Brandy

3rd Place - Chigger-Hill REDZ Roseanna

Eliza Schraver of New York with: 

CH Chigger-Hill JR Bella Cara

​3 X Grand Champion Nubian

​1 X Best of Breed as a 2-yr. old doe.

We are sold out of does and doelings for 2019.  I will post breedings for 2020 in early December 2019 and will begin accepting reservations for kids at that time.

​Breeder Credits

​Obviously we have had a lot of help over the years.  Our original doelings came from Barbie and Walter Page-Sutter at the OK Corral herd.  Jim Gillham of 4-Ever-R's Nubians provided outside breeding for our does before we bred Chigger-Hill Goliath and Chigger-Hill Hercules.  Jim and Kathy are still great friends and we just bought another young buckling from them!  Megan and Aaron Carter of Lakeshore Nubians and Lynn Fleming of Lynnhaven Nubians have provided valuable outside herd sires that have  made huge contributions to our success.

We maintain a CAE free herd and test on a yearly basis.  We feed all kids pasteurized milk to prevent milk-borne diseases such as Mycoplasma and Chlamydia.  All of our adult animals have been tested for G6S and the entire herd tested normal. Since we basically run a closed herd and we have never had a problem  with abscesses, we do not routinely test for CL.  ALL FOUNDATION DOES AND CURRENTLY USED BUCKS HAVE BEEN TESTED G6S NORMAL.                    BREAKING NEWS:  2018 CAE Results are Back:  Whole Herd Tested CAE Negative!

As you visit our website, please pay close attention to the prompts on the NUBIAN DOE web page that will enable you to access each doe's individual information page and the pedigree links that are provided.  

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