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​​Milk-Ability ​Equals

   Our girls are not pen goats that lay around waiting to be fed.  They are browsers and grazers that are constantly improving our pasture conditions.​ You will notice that not all of our udder pictures will be tanked-up, show-clipped udders.  I don't clip udders until show day.  Our girls are true "pasture goats" that have to dodge brush, cactus, and sometimes barbed-wire fences.  I feel that a fuzzy udder affords them some type of protection against cold weather, sunburn, and the occasional nick and scratch.  We don't sell milk and if we use our milk in the house we strain it.  So if you are disappointed with fuzzy udders then look elsewhere for breeding stock.


Orchid Line

Buttercup Line

​1.  Soft , pliable udders  with a minimum of connective tissue that are a joy to hand-milk.

2.  Teats that remain above the hock as the doe ages; instrumental in avoiding udder injury.

3.  Ability to produce 1-1.5 gal/day in spite of an economical management regimen.

Nubian Senior Does

Our current does are the progeny of two modern-era homebred does that are pictured below.

Current Genetics

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Chigger Hill  Nubians  

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