Chigger-Hill EC  Silver Shadow

​G6S Normal by Parentage

​Chigger-Hill EZ El-Capitan  X  Chigger-Hill Haffahalo

ADGA Pedigree Link

​PN 1724147

DOB:  2/12/2015


Chigger-Hill SS Dark Galaxy

Paternal Granddaughter of Silver Shadow

Retired - 2023

This beautiful powerful doe was the only first-freshener from 2015 that I retained.  Linebred on Saada genetics, she resembles her powerful granddam,  the great Saada El-Levitica.  She is our most popular aged doe and her kids are usually the first to be reserved.  Although she is a deep-bodied, long, powerfully built doe, Shadow has a great deal of dairy strength.  She is a powerhouse that is absolutely the easiest, most compliant doe on the milkstand.  Her udder has an exceptionally wide, smooth rear udder attachment and a seamlessly attached fore udder.  She placed 1st as a yearling milker at the FWSSR.  I do not show Shadow regularly since she is quite timid at shows and does not enjoy the stress associated with showing.  With her extreme size she is not an easy  doe to handle if she doesn't want to be there!  With her striking coloration and pleasant disposition, this girl will be with us for a long time even if she doesn't like to leave home.  Shadow is bred to Chigger-Hill Red Zone for 2022 kids.

As you  can see Silver Shadow can pass along that desirable udder through generations!

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