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Roseanna pictured as a 5 yr old doe.  She just improves with age! 

​Chigger-Hill Red Zone  X  Chigger-Hill Bella Rosa

Beautiful Roseanna has a special place in my heart.  She is the last kid kept out of Chigger-Hill Bella Rosa before she joined the Nubian Herd at Michelle Cordova's Silver Reins Ranch.   She is just like her dam, so cooperative and easy to handle both in the show ring and on the milk stand.    She trailed her herd mate Broadway Brandy by placing 3rd in the Senior Yearling Nubian Class at the 2017 ADGA National Show.  She has freshened with a gorgeous udder.  Teat placement, size and delineation are ideal.  Her fore udder is exceptionally long and well attached.  This is a doe to watch !  I expect great things from her in the future.  Even though she was only a FF doe, she captured 1st Place 2-yr. old milker under Dan Laney at the WCDGA show.  Her buddy Chigger-Hill Broadway Brandy was right behind her in 2nd Place!  Roseanna won RCH Sr. Nubian at the FWSSR in 2019.  She will be bred to Chigger-Hill Twilight Zone, our buck from Chigger-Hill SS Dark Galaxy X Chigger-Hill Red Zone.  She is due in late Feb.

Chigger-Hill REDZ Roseanna

DOB:  3/12/2016


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